Mission Statement

As a Public Charity we will develop a self-sustainable pilot project designed to provide educational resources on certified natural community gardening, animal husbandry, and living in a self-sustainable environment and to give the excess produce and meat generated by the project to the poor and needy of the community.


In order to accomplish this effort, we will rely on the donations of people locally, nationally and internationally.

We will retain our right to distribute the food as we see fit. We firmly reject discrimination based on race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), income or any other factor.

We may ask healthy, able-bodied people to assist in the work on the farm. We may ask those who have the financial capability, to donate. We may deliver food for those who cannot come out to the Garden themselves. We retain the right to refuse service to anyone.

There are no required fees to attend educational seminars, but we may ask for donations where applicable.


Approximately 3.2 acres on a 5 acre parcel will be used for permaculture and pasture for animals. There will be approximately 54 dwarf fruit trees planted (apples and pluots, peaches and cherries and lots more) as well as cane fruit (raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries, etc), blueberries (at least 4 varieties) and a wide variety of vegetables. We plan on growing olives and citrus fruit as well as avocados and possibly bananas in large in-ground greenhouses.

We will raise 6 goats to produce milk and meat as well as chickens for eggs and meat, turkeys for meat and rabbits for meat.

Donations are Appreciated!
Donations are not tax deductible

Harness Existing Technology

The effort will include a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and Solar Power to generate the necessary electricity to operate the facility. The total capacity capable of being generated by the system is 5KW for the Wind and 7.5KW for the solar. We estimate that we will be actually producing somewhere close to 2.5 KW for the wind and 1.5KW for the solar. This will still provide plenty for the project, and should provide enough to sell power back to the Western Oregon Electrical Co-Op at a profit.

We have our own well that produces over 10 gallons per minute which will be used to sustain crops during the summer and provide drinking water. We will also have a rainwater catchment.

Our intent is to be entirely self-sufficient in 7 years.